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Bryan Family Papers


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Business Papers

Historical Research Materials - C.W. Bryan, Jr

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Bryan Family Papers, 1816-1965 | MS Manuscripts

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Collection Overview

Title: Bryan Family Papers, 1816-1965Add to your cart.

Predominant Dates:1816-1965

ID: MS/MS/ms019

Extent: 3.0 Boxes

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Bryan Family Papers consists of correspondence between members of the Bryan, Lamme, and Sterigere families, business associates, and friends, including one letter books of Charles W. Bryan, Sr. (1863-1927); business papers, including legal papers of David Sterigere, Sr., steam boating papers, and engineering papers of C.W. Bryan, Sr.; historical research materials, including published articles of C.W. Bryan, Sr.; clippings and photographs related to stream boating, politics, family members, etc.; and miscellany including 1764 land grant, tax receipts, essays and poems by family members, children’s newspapers, funeral notices, M.A. thesis "The Daniel Boone Legend," magazines, family tree, etc.

Collection Historical Note

The Bryan Family includes the families of Morgan Bryan, grandfather of Mrs. Daniel (Rebecca) Boone; William T. and Frances (Calloway) Lamme, granddaughter of Daniel Boone; Achilles Lamme, son of William Lamme; Archibald Samuel Bryan, grandson of William Lamme; and David Sterigere, father-in-law of Archibald S. Bryan.

Administrative Information

Repository: MS Manuscripts

Access Restrictions: Open

Use Restrictions:

Users of the collection must read and agree to abide by the rules and procedures set forth in the Materials Use Policies.

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Acquisition Source: Gift of the Bryan family

Acquisition Method:

Accession number 884. Gift of Mrs. Charles W. Bryan, Jr., December 22, 1967

Accession number 1046. Gift of Mrs. Charles W. Bryan, Jr., May 7, 1969

Accession number 1381. Washington University Archives, January 19, 1973

Accession number 1667. Gift of Mrs. Charles W. Bryan, Jr., June 24, 1986

Accession number 1941. Washington University Archives, January 19, 1973

Related Materials: See also Charles W. Bryan, Jr. Papers (WUA00043)

Preferred Citation: Name of the Collection, Washington University Libraries, Department of Special Collections

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Correspondence],
[Series 2: Business Papers],
[Series 3: Historical Research Materials - C.W. Bryan, Jr],
[Series 4: Clippings and Photographs],
[Series 5: Miscellaneous],

Series 1: CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by name of sender, and chronologically within each sender's file. Where sender is not a member of the family, however, his letter is included in the file of the family member to whom it is addressed.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Arch M. Bryan, 1886: November 13 - 1899: June 25Add to your cart.
Arch M. Bryan to "Brother," Mary E. (Sterigere) Bryan, and Chas. W. Bryan, Sr. 6 items
Folder 2: Archibald S. Bryan, 1850: July 5 - 1899: January 5Add to your cart.
Archibald S. Bryan to W.J. Bryan, Mary E. (Sterigere) Bryan, C.W. Bryan, Sr.; W. Patton to A.S. Bryan. 34 items
Folder 3: Charles W. Bryan, Sr., 1876: May 1 - 1887: June 10Add to your cart.
Charles W. Bryan, Sr. to W.H. Bryan, Mary E. (Sterigere) Bryan. To C.W. Bryan from Jack. M.E. Bryan to W.H. Bryan. 22 items
Folder 4: Charles W. Bryan, Sr., 1886: December 31 - 1933: October 9Add to your cart.
Charles W. Bryan, Sr. to W.A.C. Ewer. To C.W. Bryan, Sr. from Frank D. Moore, Henry W. Lass, Mac Moulton, E. Fischer, J.B. Johnson, W.B. Causey, W.T.B. Wilson, J. Bland, A. Cook, H. Jouk, S. Mitchell, R.M. Peck, Andrews Allen, Wm. F. Sellers, Edgar Marburg, A.W. Anderson, Niles Meriwether, J. Hnoi (?), Wm. Hunter, D. Pierce, Emil Larsson, J.W. Schaub, H.R. Stanford, Wm. A. Kinsey, Eugene B. Hedden, Chas. H. Davis, H.S. Van Ornum, F.E. Turneaure, Lorenzo Salinas, L.C. Carter, J.A.L. Waddell. To J.B. Johnson from J. Greiner. To Tom from Wm. Hunter. 54 items
Folder 5: Charles W. Bryan, Sr. letter book, 1892: February 8 - 1900: June 18Add to your cart.
C.W. Bryan to engineering correspondents, chiefly Professor J.B. Johnson, Geo. N. Linday, H.G. Morse, E. Fischer, Wm. F. Gronau, S.P. Mitchell, Geo. H. Pegram, Mac Moulton, W.B. Causey, T.B. Wilson, J.C. Bland, Emil Larsson, A.W. Anderson, Wm. E. Hoyt, "Brother." To C.W. Bryan from unidentified sender. To Springer from Wm. F. Gronau. 1 item
Folder 6: Charles W. Bryan, Jr., 1934: August 11 - 1965: November 14Add to your cart.

Charles W. Bryan, Jr. to Mrs. Frances H. Stadler, The Haynes Museum, Robert S. Macfarlane, Joel H. Overholser.

To Charles W. Bryan, Jr. from Annie Walker Burns Bell; Shirley Coulson Walpole; John W. Barriger, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie R.R. Co.; Margaret Rose, State Historical Society of North Dakota; Alice S. Wilson, Steamship History Society of America; Ruth Ferris; Mrs. Francis Stadler, Missouri Historical Society; Wm. E. Lass, Mankato St. College, Minn.; Frederick Way, Jr.; Mary K. Dains, State Historical Society of Missouri; Mark K. Dempsey, Montana Historical Society; Irwin H. Pizer, State University of New York; Lois B. Payson; W.E. Bryan , Engineers Club of St. Louis; Doris E. Wilson, Montana State College; J.M. Haynes; Robert S. Macfarlane; Dr. E.B. Trail, Compilar of Missouri River Steamboat History; Mary E. Mewes, Mercantile Library; Mark H. Brown; Edwin C. Schafer, Union Pacific R.R.; Mildred Schlosser; Joel H. Overholser, River Press Pub. Co.; Nic. W. Monte, Range Rider Museum; D.J. Bryan; Leo Otis Colbert; Ralph Gregory, Mark Twain Birthplace Memorial Shrine; Joe/Cetta?

To Dr. E.B. Trail from W.E. Bryan. 57 items

Folder 7: John S. (?) Bryan, 1876: April 15 - 1877: February 13Add to your cart.
J. Bryan to Wm. Bryan. 2 items
Folder 8: Johnnie Bryan, 1879: May 12Add to your cart.
J. Bryan to Willy. 1 item
Folder 9: Lamme Bryan, 1879: May 6 - August 17Add to your cart.
Lamme Bryan to C.W. Bryan and Wm. H. Bryan. 2 items
Folder 10: Mary E. (Shaw) Bryan, 1877: August 8 - 1887: June 3Add to your cart.
To Mary E. Bryan from J.S. Briggs and John /Shaw? 2 items
Folder 11: Mary Ellen (Sterigere) Bryan, 1859 - 1888: June 6Add to your cart.
Mary Ellen (Sterigere) Bryan to Kate (Sterigere) Gage, son (C.W. Bryan ?); To M.E. Bryan from Jennie Lewright, E.J.M. (?), unidentified correspondent. 11 items
Folder 12: Susie Bryan, 1879: May 10Add to your cart.
Susie Bryan to brother (W.H. Bryan ?) 1 item
Folder 13: Wm. H. Bryan, 1876: January 27 - 1887: May 7Add to your cart.
Wm. H. Bryan to C.W. Bryan, Mary Eliz. Bryan. To W.H. Bryan from James McLean, "Jim," and an unidentified correspondent. 5 items
Folder 14: Wm. H. Bryan, 1878: November 25 - 1879: August 28Add to your cart.
To Wm. H. Bryan from Wm. Bierking. 12 items
Folder 15: Kate (Sterigere) Gage, 1865: February 15 - 1878: January 17Add to your cart.
Kate (Sterigere) Gage to Mary E. (Sterigere) Bryan. U.S. Gage to Emma Sterigere. 6 items
Folder 16: Duff Green Hawkins, 1849: May 18Add to your cart.
Duff Green Hawkins to Mrs. Frances Lamme. 1 item
Folder 17: Lewis Howell, 1854: May 30Add to your cart.
Lewis Howell to "Mother." 1 item
Folder 18: Achilles Lamme, 1845: March 29 - 1857: May 24Add to your cart.
Achilles Lamme to Elijah McLean, Lewis Howell, Frances (Calloway) Lamme, Huldah (Lamme) Bryan (?). To Achilles Lamme from H. Chamberlain, B. Davenport. 8 items
Folder 19: Edwin Bryan Lamme, 1874: March 21 - 1879: August 3Add to your cart.
Edwin Bryan Lamme to Wm. Bryan; one letter so-signed John L. (S.?) Bryan. 17 items
Folder 20: Elizabeth Jane (Harlowe) Lamme, 1856: May 4Add to your cart.
Elizabeth Jane (Harlowe) Lamme to Huldah Bryan. 1 item
Folder 21: Josephine Lamme, 1852Add to your cart.
William James to Josephine Lamme. Tax receipt. 1 item
Folder 22: M. Jackson Lamme, 1840: October 15 - 1854: November 1Add to your cart.
M. Jackson Lamme to Frances (Calloway) Lamme, Achilles Lamme. Amanda Lamme to Frances (Calloway) Lamme. A.S. Bryan to Huldah (Lamme) Bryan. 6 items
Folder 23: Napoleon B. Lamme, 1852: June 4 - 1860: April 6Add to your cart.
Napoleon B. Lamme to Frances (Calloway) Lamme, Jesse Caton, Huldah (Lamme) Bryan. 4 items
Folder 24: Adaline L. Moore, 1894: December 19 - July 11Add to your cart.
Adaline L. Moore to Kate/Bryan?/ and Willie/Bryan ?. 2 items
Folder 25: Hidalgo Moya, 1899: October 13 - 1917: May 3Add to your cart.
Hidalgo Moya to C.W. Bryan and Kate Bryan. 3 items
Folder 26: Emma (Emily) Sterigere, 1865: FebruaryAdd to your cart.
Emma (Emily) Sterigere to sister/ Mary Ellen (Sterigere) Bryan?. 1 item
Folder 27: David Sterigere (Judge), 1838 - 1843: February 19Add to your cart.
To David Sterigere from John Miller, John Smith, James H. Rich, Geo. Woodward, Johnson & Rayburn, Chas./Barcly?/, Wm. Baker, James B. Bowhir, John S. Barnett, Wm. Gibson, N.W. Wilson, Joseph/Barells?, Phineas Cheatham, Wm. Elliott, John Sterigere, J.J. Porter, Samuel Conn. 16 items
Folder 28: David Sterigere Jr., 1863: December 21 - 1870: May 23Add to your cart.
David Sterigere Jr. to Mary E. (Sterigere) Bryan, A.S. Bryan, Susan S. 6 items
Folder 29: Susan Sterigere, 1861: January 19Add to your cart.
Susan Sterigere to sister / Mary E. Bryan?/, D. Sterigere. 1 item
Folder 30: Miscellaneous CorrespondenceAdd to your cart.
Item 1: Ludoviker Bauer, 1888: AprilAdd to your cart.
German letter. 1 item
Item 2: John Coulter (?) to Beverly, 1841: August 3Add to your cart.
Letter of recommendation for unidentified lawyer. 1 item
Item 3: Rev. J.E. Godbey, 1926: May 30Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 4: W.J. Malin, 1879: June 23Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 5: Franklin Patton to Harriet Ruggles, 1868: January 3Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 6: O.W. Raeder to /C.W. Bryan?, 1878: May 10Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 7: Jimmie, 1878: April 26Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 8: To Daniel from unidentified sender, 1940: March 20Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 9: Unidentified, 1899: May 5Add to your cart.
1 item
Item 10: To "Grandma" from unidentified sender, possibly Achilles Lamme, No dateAdd to your cart.
1 item

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Correspondence],
[Series 2: Business Papers],
[Series 3: Historical Research Materials - C.W. Bryan, Jr],
[Series 4: Clippings and Photographs],
[Series 5: Miscellaneous],

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